You Should Never Clean There 7 Things With a Pressure Washer At Any Cost

Pressure washers can be a powerful tool for cleaning and removing dirt and grime from various surfaces around your home. However, it’s important to know that there are certain items that you should never clean with a pressure washer at all costs. Here are seven things you should never clean with a pressure washer:

pressure washer

1. Delicate Surfaces: Pressure washers are not suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces such as car paint, wooden furniture, or delicate masonry. The high-pressure water can damage or strip off the finish of these surfaces, leading to costly repairs.

2. Windows: Pressure washers can crack or shatter windows due to their high-pressure water output. It’s best to use traditional cleaning methods such as a squeegee and cleaning solution to clean windows.

3. Electrical Outlets and Appliances: It’s never safe to use a pressure washer near electrical outlets or appliances as the high-pressure water can cause electrical shocks and damage to appliances.

4. AC Units: Avoid using a pressure washer to clean your AC unit as the high-pressure water can damage the fins and coils of the unit, leading to decreased efficiency and costly repairs.

5. Roofs: Pressure washers should not be used on roofs as they can damage shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials, leading to leaks and costly repairs.

6. Humans and Animals: The high-pressure water from a pressure washer can cause serious injuries to humans and animals. Always keep a safe distance from the spray and never use it near people or pets.

7. Gas Grills: Pressure washers should never be used to clean gas grills as the high-pressure water can damage the gas connections, causing gas leaks and potential fires.

In conclusion, pressure washers are a powerful tool for cleaning various surfaces around your home, but it’s crucial to know what items to avoid cleaning with them. Never use a pressure washer on delicate surfaces, windows, electrical outlets or appliances, AC units, roofs, humans or animals, and gas grills.

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