Drama Aik Chubhan Si Cast and Crew Information By Hum TV

Drama Aik Chubhan Si Cast and Crew Information By Hum TV

Aik Chubhan Si Cast

Drama Information
Title: Aik Chubhan Si
Genre: Drama
Writer: Rukhsana Nigar
Director: Mohsin Talat
Producer: Moomal Productions & Momina Duraid Productions
Time: Monday 8:00 PM
Repeat Time: WEDNESDAY 9:00 AM
Drama Plot and Description
The Drama Aik Chuban Si” unravels the dramatic tale of a once harmonious marriage thrown into turmoil by the unexpected arrival of an outsider. Naila’s home, once filled with love and tranquility, is disrupted as this new individual seeks refuge within her household. As the plot thickens, the newcomer becomes a catalyst for chaos, dismantling the very fabric of Naila’s cherished life and introducing turmoil where there was once peace.

Witness the gripping narrative of “Aik Chuban Si” as it explores the complexities of relationships and the impact of unforeseen disruptions..

Cast Names
Cast: Sonya Hussayn, Hira Khan, Sami Khan, Asma Abbas, Fahad Sheikh and others.

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