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Drama Kahain Kis Se Cast
Drama Kahain Kis Se Cast
Drama Information
Title: Kahain Kis Se
Genre: Drama
Writer: Nadia Ahmed
Director: Kamran Akbar Khan
Producer: Momina Duraid Productions
Time: MON – SUN 7:00 PM
Repeat Time: MON – SUN 11:00 AM
Drama Plot and Description
This is a tale about Urwa, a person whose life becomes a test of patience amid various conspiracies. Throughout her journey, Urwa faces consistent deceit from those around her, yet she remains unwavering in her commitment to virtuous ways. The story unfolds as everything dear to her, and the things she believed in, crumble around her. Despite these challenges, Urwa’s spirit remains strong and determined. She becomes a symbol of resilience, fighting against all odds that come her way. It’s a narrative that speaks to the enduring strength found in patience and virtue, showcasing Urwa’s unwavering courage in the face of life’s hardships.
Cast: Muhammad Ali Josh, Hareem Sohail, Aqib Yousuf Zai, Washma Fatima, Farah Nadeem, Ghana Umair, Ambar Khan, Behroz Sabzwari, Yashmeera Jan, Muhammad Subhan Saad, Fareeda Shabbir, Zafar Abbas, Urooj, Khalid Bin Shaheen, Huma Nawab, Ahmed Rafiq, Majida Hameed, Ayesha Kamran, Afraz Rasool

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