Drama Serial Kuch Ankahi cast and crew information

Drama Kuch Ankahi Cast and Crew Information By ARY Digital

Drama Name Kuch Ankahi
Tv Channel ARY Digital
Language Urdu
Writer Muhammad Ahmed
Director Nadeem Baig
Cast Bilal Abbas Khan, Sajal Aly, Quddsia Ali, Adnan Samad Khan, Irsa Ghazal, Mohammed Ahmed syed, Mira Sethi, Babar Ali, Vaneeza Ahmed and others
Description ¬†Drama Kuch Ankahi is story of three daughters of Agha G named as Aliya (Sajal Ali), Samia (Mira Sethi) and Tania (Quddsia Ali). Aliya is middle one and supports her family by working as a property dealer. She always competes the son of her mom’s friend (Bilal Abbas Khan) very well and there develops a story of love and hate between both of them. Samia is the elder one who always work according to wll of her family whether its wrong or right, she remains silent. Tania is the younger one. She is a naughty and foodie girl. She has no concern with all these matters.

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